How To Grow Your Business Fast With Any Range of Budget

Even if it’s just $0

Growing a business isn’t difficult. It just takes time, effort, and a legitimate strategy to capture your audience. Simply put, the difference between having a business and growing one is simply knowing how. Here’s how you can grow your business fast without depleting your budget. We’re looking at you, Facebook Post Boosters!

Depending on the size of your business, you will need an option that fits your budget. Are you a local franchise or an ecommerce retailer? Do you do freelance work or make products to sell on Etsy? What do you do? These are all things to consider! Because of this, we are listing your marketing options below, starting with the least expensive.

Here Are The 6 Marketing Angles You Should Consider to Grow Your Business Fast

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a great place to start because it is free, and there are billions of people on there who can see and share your content. All you really have to do is take pictures of your products or post about your services, and wait for someone to bite. Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram make it easy to post your content and typically close friends are willing to like your page and help you grow. Here is a link to help you understand how to create a Facebook page.

However, there are cons to this. Your content might not be interesting enough for most people to share. Millions of people will share content about cats or food, but not many people are going to share “Bill the Small Town Plumber” on Facebook. Once you face this hard truth head on, you can begin exploring other options for growth. If you offer a service locally and need more clients, we at NH Web Designs provide services for growth. Some of these strategies are listed as #3 and #4 on this list.

Video Marketing

You may think Video Marketing is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! You can do it yourself with your phone if you can’t afford a professional yet. Video drives 1,200% more engagement than text and image related posts combined. Video also increases conversions by up to 84% depending on your industry. The best advice we can give you is to make sure your phone video is smooth. Videos that are filmed handheld typically end up being blurry and shaky, causing dizziness and disorientation to viewers. Professionals often use expensive camera stabilizers to make smooth video, but with today’s technology you can get a high quality phone stabilizer for as little as $110. Video is the best way to grow your business fast with minimal effort for maximum return.

If you can currently only afford the minimal amount to take decent video of your business, here are some products to get today:

grow my business fast

The DJI Pocket is a bit pricey, but amazing for what it can do. Since the entire system is internalized, you don’t have to worry about balancing your phone on a gimbal. Just turn it on and start shooting. Out of all the products listed, this one is the easiest to use while providing you with the best results for your business! Record in 4k 60fps for great slo-mo video, because people love that!

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The Osmo 3 is a great option if you consider yourself pretty tech savvy and are on a lower budget. It can extend its size to hold any phone, and gives you smooth, stabilized video for your work. This is the 2nd best option compared to the Pocket, just because it requires a little extra reading to fully understand and grasp. Just like the pocket, this camera can also track subjects.

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Our cheapest option under $20! This table tripod allows you to record what you do so you can show it off to your audience. The downside is, there is NO stabilization on this on this product. It is only good for setting on top of a table, and pointing your phone directly at what you’re trying to record. If you try to carry it around to record your subject, you will get shaky, jittery video.

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SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing, or Search Engine Optimization, is how the Google algorithm finds your business. This is essentially a ‘keyword strategy’ and is entirely based on what people are searching. Google reads every single word on all of your webpages and decides how to rank you among your competitors. Here’s an image example below when typing in “cupcakes in boston ma” on Google:

Let’s Break SEO Down Further

There are many sweet bakeries to choose from here, especially if you click the ‘More Places’ button. Google finds the most relevant businesses based on the topic you search for and places them first in a SERP feature. These top results will be immediately clicked by 31.7% of people for speculation. To put it into perspective, these businesses are 10x more likely to get clicked on because they’re in the top results. Once you start getting past the 5th result in Google Search, you’re getting clicked on less than 9% of the time. If you’re on the second page, you practically don’t exist to your audience. Ouch!

Just for fun, let’s compare a search of “bakeries in boston ma”. A bakery can mean something different to many people. For one person it means bread, and other it means sweets. However, typing in this search query provides a user dramatically different results. Notice how Magnolia Bakery is no longer in these search results, but it appeared when searching for cupcakes. Even though they also sell non-cupcake items like pies, muffins and cheesecakes – they aren’t Google’s primary bakery to list.

Depending on what your desired audience is searching, and how much SEO you have implemented on your site, determines whether or not potential clients will find you. Sorry Plumber Bill, but people are simply seeing Plumber Tom on Google more.

NH Web Designs has many options to help you with your SEO. From as minimal as getting several keywords to target to a full blown SEO strategy, we can help get you to where you need to be at a budget that works for you.

If you can’t afford a full blown strategy, answer the public is a great website to start with to get a general idea of what people are searching for. However, it doesn’t give you any insight as to how often the keywords are searched, where they’re searched, and how much it costs to bid on them if you want to do PPC Marketing.

PPC Marketing

To grow your business fast, Pay-Per-Click Marketing is the most head on and effective method to target your audience. Buying ad space on Google means they put you at the top. So those 31.7% clicks we mentioned earlier in the SEO section will go to you because you’re seen the most by users. But, you don’t just want to bid on a bunch of keywords to get placed on Google, there needs to be a carefully constructed strategy behind it.

You are more than welcome to attempt buying ad space on Google yourself, managing the campaigns and analytics, all while maintaining your business. Or, you can hire our professionals to manage it for you, that way you can focus on what you do best while we help your leads travel down the marketing funnel.

This option can be more or less expensive than SEO, depending on how long you intend on running Google campaigns.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is actually less expensive than SEO and PPC. We’re putting it here because you often won’t have anyone to email market to unless you have collected emails. SEO and PPC are the fastest ways to collect emails from leads. It’s also the best method because leads collected through ads you run or organically on your site make Google trust your business more. If you attempt to buy emails or rip them from websites or social media profiles with tools, Google will know. Doing this gets your website blacklisted from Google because you’re taking private information without the user’s consent.

E-Mail has the highest conversion rates for leads among all other methods, but it’s what you do before you get to this point that counts.

An Amazing Website

Above all else, you need an easy to navigate and appealing website for your viewers. If your viewers don’t know where to convert on your products or service, they won’t. When you don’t have enough information on what you do, they won’t convert. Overall, websites that look terrible, have too many colors, different fonts, irrelevant images, etc… confuses your users, making them less likely to convert. What do you think of when you see a website like this one below?

Your first thought was likely “What the heck is happening?” There are so many business owners out there that have websites like this that are losing out on conversions because of user disorientation. This website looks like a 3rd grade classroom fundraiser collage. Then there are better designed websites like the one below:

Look at how much easier this is to read and navigate! We at NH Web Designs would make a few tweaks so a website like this would have increased conversions, but, it’s most of the way there! It’s easy to read and navigate, picture placement is perfect, and it doesn’t make you feel dazed and dizzy.

So, those are our 6 steps to grow your business fast. If you’re interested in having a marketing strategy in place or your website redesigned, reach out to us. We make strategies that fit your needs and budget, no matter how small.