How Much Does Training & Consulting Cost?

It really depends on the service you’re looking to be trained in. The cost per hour for Photography training is going to greatly differ from the cost per hour of Web Design training. Drone Service training requires you to own your own drone, and as an FAA certified pilot who specializes in drone work, a one day training session for that is expensive. One size does not fit all, and everyone offers different pricing based on their experience. NH Web Designs Training Services range anywhere from $350/hr to $1,000’s of dollars per hour. Though our prices appear steep, our quality and knowledge in these areas are unmatched.
Our training & consulting services typically cost 60-75% of the cost for a year contract in any service we offer. Our prices are high because the training we offer lasts a lifetime and we do not hold back. You start making your money back 8 months after training and you will be independently able to run your own business essentially on autopilot for decades to come.
Your business success is a reflection of our efforts. We custom build packages to fit your business’s needs, no matter the size. Because of this, you get exactly what you need to improve your business. You can provide us with more information by filling out the form on the next page. Just click on the button below to get started!
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